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What on Earth is Cosmic Metabolism?

As Peter Ind boldly puts it “Space is not an empty void. Space has the function of revitalising waste energy; ultimately it is the way energy is renewed and replenished. Cosmic Metabolism is the name I chose for this process of energy renewal.

But with current pollution levels so high, we are putting too much into the atmosphere, more than it can handle and the metabolic balance of the Earth is severely upset. Cosmic Metabolism is crucial to the Earth and our environment. And it is this balance that we have lost.

Cosmic energy is what we need to focus on. This is what Reich learned to understand and demonstrated in his experiments. Reich’s work leads us to a practical understanding of universal energy functions that are within us, underlie all life and extend throughout the cosmos. It is nothing new but the puzzle is that cosmic energy is consistently ignored. Why?"

Peter Ind’s development of the concept of Cosmic Metabolism
“In 1964 I wrote and published an essay entitled Cosmic Metabolism and Vortical Accretion. This original concept came to me as a result of studying the writings of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. I realised that Reich’s work was the breakthrough, demonstrating the reality of cosmic life energy..Sigmund Freud had said; “one day someone will come along and put the libido concept on a firm chemical footing”; Reich had shown that the essence was not chemical but life energy. …My own studies led me to understand the cosmic function of space – that I describe as Cosmic Metabolism – as paving the way towards learning how to harness this energy …. “
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Why did Peter write the book – The Environment and Cosmic Metabolism?
“We are in a time of great concern about the environment, climate change and pollution [but] the answer is all around us, harnessing the cosmic energy we currently use as electricity. Indeed it is a look at the Stars in order to think about the Earth.”
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About the author – Peter Ind

50s - Jazz musician in New York
60s - Living, writing and painting in California
’64 – Book about Reich and Cosmic Metabolism
’73 – A Thames TV film about Peter and his ideas
80s & 90s – In the UK playing & owning a jazz club ‘Bass Clef’
2005 – His book 'Jazz Visions'
2007 – His book 'The Environment & Cosmic Metabolism'
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2008 – Painting Exhibition, London: “Painting the Energy of Nature”
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What have others said about Peter Ind & Cosmic Metabolism?

“My father – Dr Simeon Tropp - had worked closely with Wilhelm Reich during his years in America (1939-1957). By the 1960s, just a few years after Reich's tragic death in prison, Reich's circle was immured in pessimism, nostalgia, resentment, lassitude, and in fighting. The light had gone.

Now came Peter Ind ..a brilliant musician as well as a brilliant scientist. He was one of the very few my father ever met who was capable of understanding Reich's thought without becoming overwhelmed by it. And he was making original contributions of his own at a time when everyone in Reich's own circle had lost the will to originate thought. “
Bill Troop

“For those of us who are not just agnostic but downright baffled by black holes and white holes, big bangs and neutron stars, and above all by Dr Stephen Hawking, the idea that a man playing the bass two nights a week at an East End jazz club might have worked out the secret of the universe is just what we need.”

Peter Ind Interview by Ena Kendall Observer Magazine 1992

“Though I have presented this essay as easily readable and comparatively simple, I know that when we begin to view reality beyond our blinkered concept of fire energy being the sole cosmic energy, it will herald a revolution in both thought and technology comparable to that of the 16th century Copercernian revolution.”
(Peter Ind – Final comment)