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About the Author – Peter Ind

Peter Ind is renowned for his concern with creative energy not only as an international double bass virtuoso but also as a painter, a sound engineer and a ceramic restorer. He has also studied science and astrology throughout his life. He has therefore a very personal and individual story to tell, based on a lifetime of study, experimentation and writing about Reich’s work:

He was in New York in the 50’s and part of that New York jazz scene where there was interest in Reich as an internationally recognised psychiatrist and associate of Freud. Peter underwent Reichian therapy. When Reich was prosecuted by the FDA and then imprisoned, Peter kept track of all the court trials and evidence.

He followed Reich’s writings and experiments in New York after others had given up on Reich. He later visited Reich’s estate in Maine and saw the remains of the violent destruction of his Orgone Accumulators.

He wrote about Reich and his own further concept in 1964 giving a lecture at the legendary Esalen Institute in Big Sur California where Peter was living, playing, painting and writing in the 60’s.

This privately published book funded by donations from those attending the lecture has continued to excite interest with people since then contacting him to talk about his views. Most importantly this included Dr Simeon Tropp, one of the group of 20 doctors trained by Reich and who worked with Reich on the important Oranur Experiments. The year before he died Simeon came to London and visited Peter supporting the direction of work Peter had taken up

Peter has continued to support, promote (and defend) Reich and his work on cosmic energy in interviews with various publications over the years. There was also a Thames television film about Peter’s ideas in the 70’s. So disillusioned with a lack of recognition of Reich he wrote an essay in 1979 and has continued to discuss Reich whenever he is interviewed.

In 2005 he included a Chapter on the influence of Reich on the jazz and art world of New York in the 1950’s in his book "Jazz Visions: the Legacy of Lennie Tristano" - Equinox publications