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Why did Peter write the book – The Environment and Cosmic Metabolism: Looking at the Stars and thinking about the Earth?

Why this book
We are in a time of great concern about the environment, climate change and pollution. Amidst all the anxiety, if not doomsday predictions, about the declining supply of fossil fuels, the need to reduce carbon emissions, the frantic search for a variety of energy alternatives, this essay takes a different and refreshing perspective. Essentially it shows how the answer is all around us, harnessing more of the cosmic energy we only currently use as electricity. Indeed it is a look at the stars in order to think about the Earth.

It is a short introduction to the process of energy renewal for people who are concerned about the environment and not clear what to do about it but also not convinced that current theorists have got the answer either! Peter Ind does this by taking readers with him on a personal journey through his own forty years of studying and promoting these ideas and the reactions he has faced.

What is this book about?
While working as a jazz musician in that creative New York period of the 1950’s, Peter Ind was initially influenced by Wilhelm Reich’s scientific experiments that identified how energy forms into matter – life energy. But while many dismissed Reich when he faced difficulties with the authorities about his later experiments, Peter continued further with these ideas and went on to identify the missing link -the concept of Cosmic Metabolism, a process whereby energy is renewed.